What will this be like?

You are in for an indulgent and fun experience! My entire goal is to step you through the process and make sure you feel beautiful and sexy in your pictures. Together we will choose poses that you are comfortable with and that will make you look like a bombshell! You choose and bring your own outfits, something that makes you feel great! A typical hour session has one or two outfits. Up to you! It's all about you!

Depending on your package you will arrive at the studio and either get started on hair and makeup, before jumping into your session. If you are nervous about taking your clothes off, don't be! Everyone loves the experience and especially the finished products. I keep wine on hand to help you relax a little!

Once we are done with the session, your gallery will be edited and delivered to you within 2 weeks. You will get a coupon for your web-sized digital downloads and your book. as well as an opportunity to buy High-res digitals, calendars, prints, magazine spreads, or even a dramatic canvas for your lucky significant other. Some studios make you come back to view your photos and try to sell you costly packages. Your album is included in the packages and additional items are a-la-carte, so you can buy as little or as much as you want from the comfort of your home. 

The Luster & Lace Studio

Located I-25 & Colorado

Evening and Weekend Sessions Available

Females Only

Phone Interview Required to Verify Gender 

Tips for your session

Do not spray tan. I repeat, do not spray tan!

If you wax, please do so at least 5 days before the session to reduce redness.

Exfoliate for radiant skin.

Please wear clear deodorant.

Make sure nails are clean and either manicured or trimmed. 

Come with your hair clean or styled based on your package.

Please bring a robe to wear if having hair and makeup done. 

Use Pinterest to save any images that inspire you for makeup and poses. 

Bring any props that you would like to incorporate, like jerseys, footballs, fireman jackets. No firearms, please. 

Wear loose clothing to the studio.

Don't forget sexy shoes! 

If you can, spend some time in your session outfit at home. It will help you feel more at ease in the session. 

Remove any tags from lingerie that might show in the session. 

Avoid alcohol and sodium a few days before your session. Drink extra water to flush out your system and make your skin radiant. 

Most of all, RELAX! This session is all about you and making you feel and look your absolute best.